Ham Radio and MacOS

Can you live with just MacOS in the shack or is Windows a must?

I have worked in the local phone company (now a broadband company) for almost 25 years.  I sold and worked on computers for a few years prior to going to work there, so in total I have been working with/on computers for almost 30 years.  Started with TRSDOS and moved to MS-DOS, then Windows 3.11.  Next to expand my OS knowledge I spent some time running SCO UNIX, then back to Windows (95b I think).  Off to Linux for a bit running Redhat.  Then back to Windows and finally 3 years ago I tried Mac OS.  I love my iPhone and thought it would be good synergy, and it is!

Just about everything I want to do related to Amateur Radio, I have been able to find a program that runs on the MAC.  For radio programming I use Chirp.  For logging/contesting I use MacLoggerDX.

So what can’t I run.  The firmware updating software for my Kenwood TS-590SG will only run on Windows, as will the graphing software for my RigExperts AA-30.

The solution Boot Camp to dual boot Windows and Mac OS on my MacBook Pro.  With the super fast SSD and 8 Gig of ram, my MBP makes a great Windows 10 laptop.

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